For over 20 years, the backbone of our business has been custom framing.  Our specialty is preserving artwork and documents, as well as objects.  Our goal is for it to be possible to remove item from the frame without any alteration to its original state.

We have created stunning shadowbox collections, created display cases for treasured objects, and framed a variety of textiles from cross stitch to baptismal gowns.  We have mounted and framed every collectible sports jersey imaginable.

Greg Norris, CPF, has received advanced specialized training in mounting artwork on paper and canvas, as well as preservation mounting of documents and objects.  He regularly consults to picture framers around the world on mounting techniques, and is a part of a network of picture framers allowing instant access to the knowledge of hundreds of framers, conservators, and curators with specialized skills.

While custom framing may seem simple, and that is as it should be for our customers, each job presents a unique set of challenges to the framer.  Often, knowing what not to do is far more important than knowing what to do.

As the science of preserving artwork and documents continues to evolve, new methods and materials are constantly being introduced, so constant continuing education is standard.

You can be certain that the work we perform will involve the best materials and methods currently available.